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  • mmind/ - A Mastermind game in Java by MarkF.
  • other/ - Other content as listed below:
    • Desire_Fulfilled.mp3 - Desire Fulfilled : Woman at the Well, explored by Faith Forster (35 mins, 8.3 MB, 32 Kbps).
    • AutoLog.txt - Batch script to configure Auto-Login to NT/2000/XP only and disable the Novell Login screen.
    • ClearEvt.txt - Windows script to silently clear or purge the Windows Event Log files.
    • ICE-NSM.txt - Batch script to output some CSV format reports useful to Novell Storage Manager administrators.
    • MyCasPol.txt - Batch script to grant full-trust to .NET Framework applications on network-paths.
    • Ping-NSM.txt - Windows script to "ping" if the Novell Storage Manager Engine is alive.
    • Regview.txt - Windows script to allow Technicians to run RegEdit even when registry editing is policy-disabled.
    • - Easy-listening MIDI collection in MIDI Format 0, chosen for their detail and listening on my Sony CLIÉ.
    • WebKiosk.txt - Windows script to open Internet Explorer without any Address-Bar, Menu-Bar, Status-Bar, etc.
    • WindowsUpdates.txt - Windows script to automatically download and install relevant Windows updates.

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Link to Denise Pfeiffer of Celibrate